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Is the European Commission too white?

The controversy over France’s burkini ban – struck down by an administrative court today (26 August) – has thrown the spotlight on issues of diversity, integration and multiculturalism.

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Commission dodges burkini ban questions but says officials can wear burka at work

The European Commission today (25 August) dodged questions over France’s controversial burkini ban, but said there was nothing to stop EU officials wearing a burka to work.

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Refugees face asylum rejection if they leave country of arrival

Asylum seekers moving to other EU countries after arriving in Europe will face having their applications for international protection rejected, under tougher rules put forward by the European Commission today … Continue reading

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Funds to fight death penalty spread too thin

“Modest” EU funding earmarked to fight the death penalty and torture across the world is spread too thinly across too many projects, and is being spent in countries with little … Continue reading

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My husband, Raif Badawi, faces death for blogging

Raif Badawi could be sentenced to death for apostasy, says his wife Ensaf Haidar, who told EurActiv she feared that her blogger husband could be flogged at any time. >>Read … Continue reading

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Belarus and Ukrainan rebels keep death penalty alive in Europe

Belarus, recent host of the Minsk Ceasefire summit, was the only country in Europe and Central Asia to execute prisoners last year. But, after reintroducing capital punishment in territory they … Continue reading

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Energy Union a green light for human rights abusers, warn NGOs

EXCLUSIVE: The European Union’s flagship energy project will prop up a rogue’s gallery of authoritarian governments responsible for a string of human rights abuses, while not improving gas supply security, civil … Continue reading

March 15, 2015 · Leave a comment

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